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 Pitching Perfectly

Pitching a Project

When they ask you to pitch, they may mean one of three things: either they want the logline, or ‘elevator pitch;’ or they want a three-minute synopsis; or they want an act-by-act, 20-minute outline.

Here’s how to survive all three.

Killer Loglines

A great logline starts a lively conversation and makes other people want to know more -- about you, about your business, about your project.

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Branding Yourself

Whether you’re a writer, an actor, or a realtor, you need to stand out in a crowd.  “Branding” is just a fancy name for being special.

What is pitching?  Simply put, pitching is telling a good story.  It can be the story of you, the story of your business, or the story of your screenplay or novel.

Whether you’re pitching yourself, your expertise, or your project, a good story, well-told, is irresistible.  

This site is meant to help.  The articles are full of tips, the links are to sites and organizations I believe are useful.  Feel free to e-mail me with questions.  Most of all, get out there and pitch!  

Laura is the queen of structure. She sees where the story needs to go - and all the ways to get there.  

                       - Jennifer Maisel, writer, “Double Wedding”

I love to help people pitch themselves and their projects.  I work with production companies, development executives and individual writers to help break story, pitch scripts and novels, and design written pitch packets for television shows.

But I also work with clients outside of the entertainment industry - because today, every industry is media-driven. If you’re an expert in your field, you may find yourself interviewed on television or the Internet.  If you’re launching a new business or practice, you need to tell people what makes you special.  Clearly getting your point across in an engaging manner is critical.  It’s also pitching -only you’re pitching yourself and your point of view instead of a written project.

Most people just need a little help getting started.  They don’t know how to go into a pitch meeting (or a cocktail party or a job interview) and clearly communicate who they are, what they do, and why they’re fabulous.  That kind of coaching - whether you’re selling yourself or your writing - is fun and fast.  A 20-minute phone conversation costs $60, and I guarantee that by the end, you’ll have something you’re excited about saying or I’ll give you another 20 minutes free.

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