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Imagine getting people

Excited about your new project.

Eager for your launch.

Enthusiastic about working with you.

The key to success isn’t Magic.

It’s Pitching.

Why not Pitch Perfectly? 


Loglines are my super-power. Let me help you talk about yourself, your business, and your projects. Click here.

Pitching virtually is here to stay. My classes on Pitching not only shows you how to build a pitch from Logline to Fade Out, it covers the nuts and bolts of pitching online. Upcoming classes include Nailing Your Zoom Pitch and Navigating a TV Writers Room.  

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Want more? Before I structure your TED talk or design your pitch deck, let's make sure we're a good fit. Book a complimentary 15-minute call. 


"Laura teaches you to sell fire

in hell."

Nikki Toscano

TV Writer/Producer

24: Legacy

"Laura will have you feeling confident, excited, and absolutely at ease. Working with her is nothing short of a miracle."

Suzanne Lyons


Undertaking Betty

"Within minutes Laura had interpreted my ramblings into a logline. It was like magic!"

Debbie Yarwood


New Hire 365

"For me and many other clients, Laura is quite simply the "Pitch Whisperer."

Matt Greenberg


Pet Sematary


TED Talks/Presentations

"I wanted to send you a thank you note for helping me with the TedX talk.  Believe it or not, it has now had more than 140,000 views!  Thanks to you!"

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