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Happy New Year!

I made a page of good stuff, just for you. Enjoy!

All things



Here's my article for Creative Screenwriting

7 Tips To Nailing the Virtual Pitch

Long Island University invited me to give a presentation on Pitching via Zoom. It's not publicly available, but you can watch it through this direct link.

Looking for the sign up for your complimentary 20-minute call? Here's the link!


(especially during a pandemic)


How to Network: Pandemic Edition

(Note: no sound? You need to click on the musical note in the bottom right corner.)

PDF: My famous logline worksheet, plus pitching tips

PDF: Networking in a Pandemic Tips

Want to go Deeper?

Upcoming Classes:

Double Your Network (Jan 10-31, 2021)

Nail Your Virtual Pitch (Feb 6-27)

and The TV Drama Writers Room (Feb 6-Mar 13)

Need something else? Let's chat.

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