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Work With Me

For Everyone

Logline + Elevator Pitch

Nailing the logline is critical.

Getting people excited about

what happens next

seals the deal.

Let's create an elevator pitch

that lights you up.


This is possibly the most impactful work I offer.

In Double Your Network, we spend one month developing simple habits and strategies to make networking easy, drama-free, and deeply useful. 

Learn more about the self-paced course, which includes one-on-one mentorship on your own schedule.

Because at heart, networking is about building a community

for the benefit of everyone involved.

For Writers and Producers

Pitch Decks

Whether you are pitching investors, agents, producers or streamers, a killer deck is critical. 

I offer workshops so you can learn to build your own decks, coaching to help you uplevel an existing deck, and soup-to-nuts creation of a great deck from scratch.

Learn more about the different ways to work with me on bringing your project to life.


As Hitchcock famously said, the three most important elements for a successful movie are:

"The script, the script, and the script."

Writers, I can help you write your first draft or rewrite your existing draft.

Producers, are you missing a second act? Structure is my jam.

Learn more here.

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Whether you are building a pitch deck for your next round of financing, developing a TEDx talk,  or creating marketing copy for a start-up that will set the world on fire, I can help.

Let's take you to the next level.


Set up a quick, complimentary call to make sure it's a good fit.

Don't see what you need?

Book a complimentary call

to see how I can help.

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