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Loglines Are My Super Power
I always suggest starting with a logline and elevator pitch -- for your project or your business or yourself. You will use it all the time, and we get to see if I'm a good fit for any bigger project you might have.


Logline + Elevator Pitch

Nailing the logline is critical.

Getting people excited about

what happens next

seals the deal. 

Let's create an elevator pitch

that lights you up.


Uplevel Your Pitch Deck

Pitch deck not working?

Whether it's for your start-up or

your screenplay, a deck needs to

provide key information while

also sharing an emotional


Work with me to help your deck pack a punch.


Book a complimentary call

to see if this is right for you.

Double Your Network

Need career advice or mentorship?

Want to get your script to a producer? 

Find an investor for your start-up?

Looking for fun and a sense of connection?

These might seem like different problems, but the solution

to all of them is to

Tap Into Your Network 

In this virtual mentorship, you will learn how to grow, nurture, and access your network, no matter where you are or what you want to accomplish. You will get videos and worksheets to do at your own pace as well as two one-on-one coaching sessions and weekly emails with to-do lists and guidance.

Note: Bring a project you want to move forward. This is an experiential webinar: a little theory, a lot of hands-on practice.

Workshops start the first Monday of every month and run for four weeks. Currently booking March's workshop, Mar 6 - Apr 2, 2023.


Don't see what you need?

Book a complimentary call

to see how I can help.

Interested in having me talk to your group?

I have taught pitching, screenwriting, and networking 

to undergraduates, MFA students, filmmakers,

Netflix executives and toastmasters, as well as at

writing retreats, conferences, high schools and more.

Let's make it happen.

Email me at:

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