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Getting people interested in your project is a skill.

A learnable skill.

Some people call it pitching.

I think of it as sharing with intention.


In just half an hour, we figure out how to talk about your project in a way that's clear and engaging.


Not just what to say, but how to say it in a way that's Authentic. Fun. Enrolling.

You can use this 'elevator pitch' to talk about yourself or your project to anyone from potential clients and employers to graduate programs, fellowships, angel investors, even your Uncle Ted, who never did understand what you were up to.


30 minutes. One elevator pitch.

Let's make it easy.


"We talked for 20 minutes, and my anxiety around the pitch went from 1000 down to 10."

Lisa S.

Executive Producer

I also run a hands-on workshop called Double Your Network to help you figure out who you need to connect with and how to build a strong, supportive network.

Because networking doesn't have to feel icky.

What is your dream, and how can I help you reach it?

Book a complimentary 15-minute call to find out.

"Within minutes, Laura had interpreted my ramblings into a logline. It was like magic!"

Debbie Yarwood, Founder/CEO

New Hire 365

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