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Work With Me

Logline + Elevator Pitch

Nailing the logline is critical.

Getting people excited about

what happens next

seals the deal. 

Let's create an elevator pitch

that lights you up.



(20% Columbia discount)

Networking Coaching

Your network is the key to success

in all areas of your life.

Work with me for four weeks

to radically revitalize your

network and propel your career.



(20% Columbia discount)

Book a complimentary call

to see if this is right for you.

Full Pitch with Pitch Deck

Whether you're pitching your film or your start-up, Pitch Decks are here to stay. I can help you develop

the tools you need.

Includes a full verbal pitch, help developing your visual pitch deck, and meeting prep.



(20% Columbia Discount)

Book a complimentary call

to talk about your project.

Interested in having me talk to your group?

I have taught pitching, screenwriting, 

and networking 

to undergraduates, MFA students, filmmakers,

Netflix executives,

teenagers and toastmasters.

Email me at

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