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Pitch Decks

Whether it's for your start-up, your TV series, or your independent film,

a killer deck is a critical part of your portfolio.


What's tricky is that while a deck has to be clear and make financial sense, it also needs to speak to our emotions. It has to have heart.

There are Three Ways to work with me on your pitch decks:

Already Have a Deck?

Book a session (60-75 minutes) for a flat $185.


You're not just getting notes (although you are getting notes!) You will also get help finessing the copy and the visuals if need be. All visuals are royalty-free (links and attribution included).


Sessions also include pitch coaching so that you and/or your team are ready to go. 


Book your pitch deck session.

Starting From Scratch?

My Pitch Deck Self-paced Workshop guides you through the process of developing your deck with worksheets, videos, step-by-step guidance, and two one-on-one sessions with me for notes, expertise, and help with images and copy.

Learn how to build your own decks with lifetime access to all workshop material.

Workshop: $300

Next Workshop offered in January 2024

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Need Me to Build Your Deck For You?

Sometimes the best solution is not DIY. I can take care of your deck for your feature,

your TV series, your production slate, or your start-up.


I've got your back.

Here's what it looks like: we'll start with a quick call to make sure I'm a good fit.

After that, I'll send you an email with a checklist for the information I'll need from you to get started. I'll put together a rough draft in about two weeks.

Together, we'll finesse the deck during a one-hour Zoom session. 

Once you're happy, we'll have a second Zoom session so that I can help you

focus your verbal pitch. Together, we make sure you have the complete package.

A 12- to 20-slide deck, complete with verbal pitch coaching, is $800.

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Got questions? Email me or set up a complimentary call.

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