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Networking Salons

Every month, I host a free, virtual networking salon -- and you are invited!

A different guest each time shares their wisdom and expertise, followed by Q&A. After that, there is a chance to sharpen your networking skills in small breakout rooms, complete with prompts if you're not sure how to break the ice.

Low-key, low-stress, great fun. Register for the February 12th Salon here!

Porsha Addison Pink_edited.jpg

February 12th Salon
Special Guest:
Porsha Addison

Join us on Sunday, February 12th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern with my guest, writer Porsha Addison

Porsha is a writer, wife and mom -- one whose toddler son teaches her the art of patience! But believe it or not, that is not her superpower. 

Porsha's power is connection.

Her 40 for 40 Project is a masterpiece of generosity,

as she reached out to people who made a positive difference in her life by writing actual letters.

We'll talk about the impetus behind the project, what went well, the impact it had on her life (not to mention the joy it brought the recipients), and how you,

too, can tap into this well of connection and joy.

Creating and sharing love. What a perfect salon for Valentine's Day. See you there!

Porsha Addison Pink_edited.jpg

How the salon works is that Porsha and I will chat about her particular genius for about 15 minutes, then we'll open the floor to Q&A, followed by very low-key networking in breakout rooms, complete with a prompt for those who want a nudge to get the conversation rolling.

These free salons are a way to practice networking in a low-stakes, supportive environment while meeting interesting people --

guests and fellow attendees alike.

Because everyone has their own genius zone.


Register here. See you soon!

-- Laura

Photo by Chimene Gaspar on StockSnap

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