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Rather than classes, where you have to show up at a certain time on 
certain dates, I offer self-paced workshops which include
one-on-one time with me on your own schedule.

Double Your Network

Need career advice or mentorship?

Want to get your script to a producer? 

Find an investor for your start-up?

Looking for fun and a sense of connection?

These might seem like different problems, but the solution to all of them is to

Tap Into Your Network 

In this virtual mentorship, you will learn how to grow, nurture, and access your network, no matter where you are or what you want to accomplish. You will get videos as well as two half-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions and daily emails with to-do lists, tips and troubleshooting.

Note: Bring a project you want to move forward -- anything from changing careers to looking for a bowling league to join. All that matters is for you to want something that

other people can help you with. 

This is an experiential webinar:

a little theory, a lot of hands-on practice.

Workshops start the first Monday of every month and run for four weeks.

Currently booking May's workshop,

June - June 30, 2023.


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Write Your Screenplay

Been working on a screenplay, or maybe just playing with an idea in your head for a couple of months... or years?


Get it written in this 90-day workshop.


This workshop includes writing prompts, video lectures, written assignments, feedback, and one-on-one Zoom coaching.


It also requires a commitment on your part to write for one hour every day, and support to help you build in the time and guiderails

to make that happen.

Writers are creative in different ways, which is why I offer a multifaceted approach. 

The toolbox I give you includes using visuals, developing your pitch, balancing outlining with figuring it out as you write, and specific lessons in next-level skills like subtext, power dynamics, and set-ups and pay-offs.

This workshop is a commitment -- to yourself and to your writing. It's not right for everyone.

But if you want to get that screenplay finished, sign up below.

Want to figure out if this is a good fit for you? Email me here, or click here to set up a call.


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Pitch Decks

Whether it's for your start-up,

your TV series, or your independent film,

a killer deck is a critical part of your portfolio.


What's tricky is that while a deck has to be clear and make financial sense, it also needs to speak to our emotions. It has to have heart.

Already have a deck?

Book a session (60-75 minutes) for a flat $185.

Sessions include pitch coaching as well as notes on the deck itself.

Starting from scratch?

My Pitch Deck Self-paced Workshop guides you through the process of developing your deck with worksheets, videos, step-by-step guidance, and a one-on-one session with me. Next workshop opens June 5!

Workshop: $300

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Need Me to Build Your Deck?

I've got your back. A 12- to 20-slide deck, complete with verbal pitch coaching, is $800.

The Second Draft


By Application Only


If you have a completed screenplay or

television pilot and show bible that just doesn't quite work yet, this is the workshop for you.


During this 90-day workshop, you will learn how to read the note behind the note; how to improve your dialogue, characters, scenes, and plot points; and how to level up your script.

It requires a commitment on your part, a willingness to improve your writing and an openness to the process of the rewrite. 


While this workshop includes writing prompts, video lectures, written assignments, feedback, and one-on-one Zoom coaching, it is tailored to each individual writer and script.

Which is why it is by application only.

It is a 90-day commitment, $500.

To apply, email me here


If we're a good fit, I will ask you to send the first 10 pages of your screenplay or pilot.


You must have a completed first draft before we start working together.

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