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As a pitch and development consultant, Laura began working in Hollywood. She has helped writers, producers, and executives develop and pitch dozens of projects for television and film. Outside of Hollywood, Laura works with entrepreneurs, tech companies, sales teams, and nonprofits to create pitch decks, marketing materials, website copy, and fundraising plans. In addition, she media trains CEOs, authors, and mission-driven organizations to make the most of their 15 minutes of fame with a powerful message and confident presentation.
Laura has taught pitching, television and screenwriting, and networking to everyone from executives at Netflix to Australian filmmakers at Film Victoria; from students in MFA programs and undergraduate classes at universities across the country to local and national professional organizations, conferences, and writing retreats.


A graduate of Yale University, Laura has won awards for journalism, television writing, and fiction. Her own eclectic career includes almost every storytelling medium, from theater, television, and film to web series, short stories, and video games. Her children’s picture book, Nana Speaks Nanese, tackles the confusing changes brought on by dementia in a reassuring and straightforward way. She hopes it will help families facing a diagnosis of dementia open up a conversation with their young children. 
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