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Podcast - Episode 1: Suzanne Lyons

Episode 1: Suzanne Lyons


I am so excited to welcome Film Producer and president of Snowfall Films, Suzanne Lyons, as my first guest. Suzanne has so many talents, but I believe her zone of genius lies in helping everyone around her be their best selves. People blossom in her presence, and that's a skill -- one that makes her in high demand to work with. 

She is also very successful at pitching, in no small part because she is exceptional at creating relationships. And finally, she herself excels at goal-setting, and at help others set and reach their goals.

Speaking of which, she only teaches once a year these days (she's currently producing a couple of films and executive producing three more), to help people start the new year off with a bang. Her class, Launching the Future, is a one-day webinar happening this coming Saturday, January 14th, and she has graciously offered my community a whopping discount, more than 40% off the $150 regular price.

Time Toys.jpg

You have to go through this link to get the discount -- and just to be clear, this is not an affiliate link. I don't make any money off of it, and in fact, I've already paid for my own seat in the workshop. I'm sharing this because my life has been changed by this class: one year, she helped me pick the theme "Party Girl," and I doubled my income. Just sayin'. 

Enjoy our conversation!

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